Sue Rossiter – Ceramic Artist

Iron II – ceramic, earth pigments, oxide, leather, leather cord. Cutter II – ceramic, earth pigments, leather, leather cord. I love walking and connecting with the land; its deep vivid colours, rich earths and muds and interesting rock formations, created over thousands of years; gigantic deep canyons, huge silent mountains, enormous high vantage points, and…


Freyja Hedinsson – A Place Called England

Freyja kitted out for a wild swim! To reflect on the space outside, I’ve been thinking about the spaces all around in this place I grew; this place called England. So much recent rhetoric has been about looking backwards, but I want to look outwards. I’ve recycled some home footage that’s nearly 20 years old…


The Space Outside – In the beginning

In 2016 I started The Space Outside film series. Due to ill health, this film project has now developed into this blog. On International Women’s day, I want to revisit these amazing women’s stories and share why this project began.

Pete Yeo – Flower of Life

  In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life, no disgrace, no calamity (leaving me my eyes), which nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground, my head bathed by the blithe air and uplifted into infinite space, all mean egotism vanishes. I become…


Edward Crumpton – Twelve Islands

In 2015 Edward began visiting 12 islands off the British coastline as a way of discovering how islands are formed and influenced by the habitation of people and wildlife. Every island is unique, from its shape, features and how humans have made use of the resources from both the land and sea. He is interested…